Friday, June 18, 2010

Flower magic

Georgia and I went to pick strawberries, but the fields were closed!

I was so sad!
Georgia cheered me up by reminding me that we can still get berries at Picadilly.

We decided instead to go to NMH farm and see the horses and cows.

I have some herbal formulas I am working on and I need to make some flower essences.

The rose tincture I have had steeping on the windowsill is almost ready but I need Angelica and Johnny Jump ups to add to it. (I made my herbal formulas up in the winter when I could pick anything I wanted to make whatever combination seemed most magical.) I have been looking everywhere for Johnny Jump Ups and I couldn't find them anywhere. I was getting nervous that I was going to miss my opportunity and the season would pass.

My eyes have been scanning the ground wherever I go. So I had that in my intention while trying not to be anxious. As we drove to the farm we passed a beautiful patch of perfectly blooming Angelica. Amazing!

They look like bright bodies with open arms.

They are as tall as a person.

I was so glad to see them!

Then we walked around the beautiful farm and looked at the garden, all the while hoping for Johnny Jump Ups but I couldn't find any.

Just as we were leaving I turned to the steps of the sugar house and there they were!!
A sweet little bunch of bright flowers!

I went back the next day and collected enough for flower essences.
Good stuff!

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