Friday, February 14, 2014


I went for the family date again this year. It's our 24th anniversary and I wanted to go to the outdoor hot tubs and watch the full moon rise.  We went to Ginger Garden in Amherst. So good.  The management from the old China Gourmet in Greenfield moved their a couple years ago and the food is excellent and they are kind to loud children.

Then we went to Elements in Amherst for the hot tubs. There were rose petals strewn in the hallways there. It was lovely. The children, really just Georgia, we're rowdy, splashy and taxing. Rob mumbled from the corner where he tried to relax as Georgia fell on him again and again, "Remember this for next year. No children." I agreed and Lily was insulted.  The moon rose in the chilly night sky. It was a pretty good time, certainly not relaxing, but I could have predicted that, I suppose.

Happy Valentine's day to you!!

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