Friday, September 13, 2013

Puppy Baths

We went for a final visit with the whole puppy crowd before they start going off to their new homes.

The Pups were out in the drizzle so we took them in one by one for a warm sudsy bath with Lavender Dr. Bronner's soap.

Lily had a fuzzy puppy she started with in the soapy bucket and Georgia was already onto the rinsing bucket.  As you can see she was having a very good time.

I love these fuzzy damp puppies!  Each one is so different and goofy in their own way.

This one is finished with rinsing and is very wet. Georgia's shirt is soaking!

This one is drying off and playing with a toy.  Look at that expression!  Georgia with a pile of drying puppies.
Oh we will miss them!
One is moving in nearby.
Thank goodness we can still get some puppy love.

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