Friday, September 6, 2013

Franklin County Fair

We haven't been to the fair in a few years.  I tend to work that weekend and the last time we went it felt like we just walked around in a billow of everyone's wafting cigarette smoke.

But  we parents pulled it together and went again this year. The kids barely remember all the other years we went when they were babies, which makes you wonder why we did it.  All the cotton candy and petting zoos and pony rides for years with them and they act like they've never seen a fair before.

They enjoyed the animals.
Lily and I went on the Ferris wheel which was quite lovely.  I think I am officially over my fear of hights, now, which was a relief to find out while suspended in the air over the blur of activity below.
We had a very anxious young boy sharing our compartment and he clung to the central pole and kept his eyes closed, so I felt very brave next to him.

The lights came on and it was an exciting place to be. I can see why people get so crazy about the fair.  The kids had a great time and it felt like we were at a big party.
The girls went on the bumper cars together. Twice.
I started to get cold and sleepy like this chicken who was probably so tired of so much attention, she was taking a nap in the bright lights.

On our way out, with caramel apples in hand, we stumbled upon the cow washing station where folks were lined up to wash and dry their cows. The cows were very patient and their handlers were kind as they sudsed them up.

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