Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Basement

I have been planning on going through the baby clothes and get them off to goodwill forever.
It used to be a task that was very fraught with sadness and regret; I had always wanted more children (My role model for mothering had always been Maria Von Trapp from Sound of Music, but I just realized; she didn't birth the children herself! And she had a cook, a housekeeper and a butler!)  I don't have any of those things and my body was done
Which is actually great.
I'm so happy to have the two girls I have and I'm thrilled to have the time to spend with them.  It worked out well.

Today Georgia was off on a playdate and Lily decided she would help me tackle the bins of clothes.

It was still a very tender process, not because I wished for more babies of my own to fill out the clothes, but because I thought about my girls when they were babies.  It was so sweet to go through their tiny outfirts and blankets.  It almost seems impossible that my girls were so small.  It was perfect to do it with Lily because whenever I got too sad, missing those tiny girls; there was a giant 11 year old telling me to pull it together and keep going.  And that was her! The same girl who used to wear the lime green leather shoes when she learned to walk (still her favorite color!) So it tempered the pain to have her there with me.  There was nothing to mourn.  We had a lovely time when she was small drooly and cute and were still having a great time. Carry on.

But she also was moved by the tiny clothes and we decided to wash up the most precious and put them in a bin to use as doll clothes or for just having.

Don't tell Rob.

Then we went for a cooling jump in the Northfield Inn Pool.
We became members at this local pool this year (They had a big sale!) so we can go 7 days a week 11a-7p.  Awesome!  I'm a bit paranoid about water and children and supervision, so I love that there is an alert lifeguard there at all times.

We have been going almost every day.  This evening we had it all to ourselves!

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