Monday, July 8, 2013

New Moon

I was so brave!
I went for a swim alone in the dark of the new moon.  Here is a view from the small dock
It was lovely.
Some friends were going to come, but one by one they bailed.
Rob encouraged, "You could just go." and I did.
I drove the winding roads to the lake.
First I sat on the dock and watched the sky and the water get darker and darker, then, finally I stepped out into the cool dark water.

 I swam out toward the center of the dark quiet water.
I could see my hands in front of me, moving gracefully in the water, pure white in the dark in front of me.
I turned over onto my back, looking up at the great darkening sky as I floated.


I'm so glad I went!
I felt purified and changed as I emerged from the water.
Bright orange lightening was flashing above the nearby mountain.

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  1. quite daring but such that type of experience worth some.