Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer evening walk

 I haven't been walking because my back is still sore and I hate to aggravate it, but yesterday Rob talked me into a short walk and it was lovely.  So nice to be outside as the sun set.  The Veery and the Hermit Thrush are two of my favorite mysterious forest birds and both were singing their dusk song.  Cookie was thrilled to be off the leash and romping in the woods.

I can get so caught up in just keeping up with the rush and chaos of life, especially now that I'm moving slower and less efficient, I can forget to go outside, damnit!

That's why I live where I live!  Because I can go outside into the woods in five minutes. 
It is so strange how the most obviously healing things get lost in the everyday.

As Martha Beck says:

"Empty time is a powerful medicine that can make us more joyful and resilient,
but it’s strangely hard to swallow. We yearn for a powerful source of liberation
that is right under our noses, and we’ll do almost anything to avoid it."
--Martha Beck, Making Time for Nothing


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