Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Archery Class

Free for 6 weeks in Vernon Vermont rec center.  It was hot the first day and buggy (Lily killed 14 deer flies (with her hand; not her bow and arrow!))

But the girls had a great time.  The movie Brave has been quite an inspiration to us all.  We've seen it twice and I'm planning on taking them to the big 3-d theater soon to see it again.  It is so wonderful to watch a movie with the girl as the main character; no romance, no one coming to save her, with the challenge being true to herself and still staying connected to her mother.  Both characters are transformed beautifully by the end of the movie.

It breaks my heart and pisses me off that it has taken this long for such a movie to be made, but HOORAY for it finally making it to the big screen!

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  1. We think the upsurge of interest in archery started even before Disney's Brave--Katniss Everdeen got it going in The Hunger Games--perhaps to a somewhat older set--either way, it's been our favorite sport even before it became so cool in the movies. Love your article and hope it inspires other young'ens to try this fabulous sport! Archery rocks! Thanks for a great article!