Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh, Cookie can bark

She didn't make a peep until we put her in the crate by our bed so we could all go to sleep.
She was like a car alarm: whine, bark, whine louder, yip, hoowwwwl. Start again.
Until she passed out for a serene 40 minutes. I thought we were done, but Oh no.

After the second round and it was only 10:30pm (we had all gone to bed early because we were so very tired after or dog-acquiring adventure) Rob escaped upstairs.

Cookie and I were up much of the night.
I saw the stars many times as they moved across the sky.
She peed twice outside, which was good, but for the number of times I went outside with her in the cold moonlit night it didn't seem like enough.
But the sun rose and the cavalry came
and I took a three hour nap.

Hopefully better tonight....

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