Thursday, February 10, 2011


Here's an email I just sent out!

Wanted to let you all in on our excitement!

When I went to work this weekend I said, "Don't go looking at dogs because you'll find one and it's still cold and snowy out! Let's be practical and find one in May!"

But the family looked online anyway, but this time they found Cookie.

We all fell in love with her!
She's a 14 week cattle dog/shepard mutt born with her 5 siblings in a BP gas station in Mississippi.
She'll be leaving Mississippi Friday morning in this crazy rig and arriving in a PETCO parking lot at 11:30 on Saturday in Connecticut 2 hours away. (I'm missing my long-yearned for meditation retreat this weekend...oh well, couldn't miss out on getting Cookie and they can't hold her down there another week because there are other puppies to take her place in the foster home she's been living in)

We're counting down the hours!
Wish us luck!
Can't wait to introduce you to Cookie...
Love, Katherine, Rob, Lily and Georgia

COOKIE: Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler), Dog; Harwinton, CT

here the girls are trying to come up with the perfect middle name. I think we all like Cookie for her first name.

Rob filling out the contract to fax first thing in the morning.

Very Exciting!
We're all a bit overwhelmed and giddy.

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