Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cookie's home!!

Lily painted a big welcome card in art class this week.

We headed to Connecticut at 10:30am and it took two hours of driving.
So Excited!!!
We got lost and even though we had 40 minutes before the rig with the dogs arrived; we still got really anxious as we drove over and under the big highways until FINALLY we found the right Petsmart parking lot where we parked, peed and bought a leash and collar.

Then Rob spotted the truck on time at 1:30 and we went to meet it!

Here comes Cookie!
So Adorable!!

Looking pretty nervous...

She was shivering with cold and fear. Once she settled on Lily's lap she calmed down and her ears started to perk up a bit.

Then she curled up between them.
She is probably really tired, having been in a barking dog trailer for 30 hours!

Sleeping soundly.

Frisky and silly in the snow with Lily. She liked to dance around on the snowbanks, but got chilly again.

Inside to snuggle up

Then a warm bath, which she tolerated astonishingly well.

and a good dry-off.

Welcome Cookie.
We are so glad to have you here!


  1. So amazing. I love the sleeping safely and soundly between her new "sisters."

  2. Yay Cookie! She's lovely! Can't wait to meet her! Love the joyous looks on everyone's faces!