Thursday, December 2, 2010

This is time consuming.....

So much prep work for this craft fair.

Rob said, (after he entertained the children by trotting through the hospital pushing them in a wheelcahir while I set up all my stuff tonight)

"This has been taking up alot of time and energy and let's hope you make your money back."

Let's hope, but if I don't I think it will still be fun. (But I will be glad when it's done.)

Tomorrow is the fair. My mother is picking up Georgia sometime in the morning and then, when the day is done, I am going directly to the cabin where Rob and I are celebrating my 40th birthday, which is Saturday.

Actually getting sort of used to the idea of being 40 and pretty excited about it.
Also excited to have two nights in a cabin with a wood stove.
Lily sobbed when I said she wasn't coming with us so we might break down and bring them for the second night.

OK time to make price tags and sew up my dream pillows.

Here is the collection of potions perched on my Reiki grid.
I charged everything with Reiki energy which is fun but it completely shines my brain off into right-brain-meditative-zone and then I have to come back to earth and pack in an organized fashion.
It can be tricky.
Wish me luck!

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