Monday, November 8, 2010

Smith Greenhouse

Rob had an early morning bike race in Northampton this weekend.
The girls and I made it there by 8:30am both days to cheer him on.
After his race the second day I took the girls to Smith College greenhouse. I try and get there a couple times a year.
It is so marvelous, beautiful and alive!
I am still so thankful I was able to take a horticulture class there as a student and I really enjoy showing the girls the different rooms with the different habitats.

Here is the flower of a banana tree and some small growing bananas.

Some mysterious juicy white berries

and some glorious curious goldfish.

This is what happens when I ask the girls to smile for a posed photo. Thanks alot!

Lily shows Georgia the sensitive plant and how it shuts its feathery leaves.

The annual fall Mum Show was going on!
Big bright balls of petals surrounded by many buzzing bees.

"Hey Buddha, what's up!"

Lily sprinting in front of the wall of mums!

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