Monday, November 22, 2010

Baker Violin Shop

I rent my violin from Baker Violin Shop in Dummerston Vermont.

We drove up there on Lily's half day and had David Baker, the proprietor, tune up and visit with my (his) violin that I've been renting for 2 years.

The studio is so beautiful I couldn't stop taking photos.

We brought Lily's violin that we bought online, but he looked at that, too and helped with some adjustments to her violin and bow.

I took Georgia outside because she couldn't sit still and got pretty rude and unruly.

Here's David looking at my violin.

Bows hung on the wall.

A cabinet filled with violins.
On the bottom is Rosin in sweet little packages and a sweet little stuffed animal mouse in the corner.

Lily comparing the tiniest violin bridge and a huge cello bridge.

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