Sunday, September 19, 2010

mini golf, go carts and fast food

Rob promised Lily mini golf and go carts if she was cooperative about practicing violin, so when she was, we all drove to New Salem for a go-cart/mini golf extravaganza. It was evident pretty early that we're not quite ready for mini golf. Lily picked up everyone's ball and moved them around freely while Georgia kept wanting to touch the water features which were creepily dyed blue, looking stagnant and fetid.

The go-carts were fun. We had the track to ourselves so no crazy teens were trying to run me off the road. I drove slow and Rob went faster but he didn't smash into me repeatedly like someone did to me when I was a kid (or maybe it was me banging myself into the barriers as a kid?)

We were all a little queasy from the strong exhaust smell.

And then we were all starving so we succumbed to the girls' plea for Mcdonalds so we were even more queasy by the time we were done.


Lily said she wanted a Mcdouble and a Mcnuggets and Rob mumbled to me, "So she can get Mcnauseous"

Which made me laugh.

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