Thursday, September 16, 2010

Making flower essences

Boneset for energizing the immune system.

Not only did I miss St. Johnswort this dry year, but I missed Self Heal and Borage which I was going to use for my tinctures. I was so startled and then annoyed at the need for such vigilance that I didn't do anything for a while. But then the Goldenrod kept waving at me from sunny fields so I looked it up and learned it makes a marvelous massage oil, so I harvested that, shaking out the bees, and put the bright yellow flowers to steep in olive oil.
I also looked up some late summer plants and found some perfect flowers to use in essence form for my herbal tinctures. My Rose and Lemon Balm glycerites are done steeping. Now I just have to order pleasing bottles and make some gem essences in the next full moon. Fun.

Zinnia for happiness and playful humor.

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