Friday, March 20, 2009

Reiki Precepts

I'm reading Reiki by Pamela Mines and she has a really nice version of the Reiki precepts:

Just for today do not be angry and do not worry.

Value your life and make the effort necessary to actualize your life's purpose.

Be kind.

I've been doing Reiki for many years now. I was attuned to level one in nursing school 13 years ago and then the level two (where you can send distant Reiki) before I went to India in 2001. (I wanted to be able send it to Rob while I was away for a few months.) Just lately I've been getting brave enough to do it a bit at work at the hospital (where they have a program to train and support nurses doing Reiki). I've also been giving treatments to my friend who has cancer and another friend who is trading off Mayan Uterine Massage for me (to help with fertility so I am ready for the financial family-expanding windfall!)

The Reiki has been really subtle for me, mostly done on the faith that something was happening, but lately it is feeling more tangible and more powerful.

Today I gave my friend an hour long treatment and hours later I still feel a pervasive feeling of peace mixed with a deep desire to close my eyes and sleep.

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