Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Finally, I can trust spring is here.

 The street sweeper has come!! That is always a big day here because we live on a steep hill and get a ton of sand dropped every winter, which makes biking and even walking a bit tricky. Hooray for the street sweeper.  We have to make sure to rake/sweep our lawn of sand, shoving it into the road like everyone else, before the sweeper comes.  This year Lily spotted the rented yellow sweeper moving slowly on a neighboring street on the way home from school and ran in the door saying, "The street sweeper is coming!" then ran outside to sweep. What a gal!

The boat launch is flooded more than I've ever seen. It's a little creepy to see water where there is usually dry land. Lily got out of car and I yelled, "Don't touch the water!" fearing it would just wash up and grab her or even come swirl up around our car, which didn't really make sense in this situation, but is probably a sensible fear, really..

The Lady's Mantle is emerging like a fan from the earth.

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