Sunday, October 13, 2013

Whale watch in Glouchester

Whales! it was a wonderful trip. After two hours our to sea we came to the ledge where they feed. Here's a mom and baby humpback.

Lily keeping an eye on the water.  Here's the humpback mom and baby again. See the baby blowing and her white fin is green under the water.
Here's a tail!

Here's a fin whale we saw just before we turned back towards home.

Here's more of the mama and baby beside the boat.

Another humpback that did some tail splashes for several minutes. It was very dramatic!

This one was playfully laying on its side and waving.
Here the girls were cold and tired as we headed back. It's a long four and a half hours.
I was dressed warmly and was glad for my hat.
Pulling into Gloucester harbor. We're hungry!

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