Monday, October 14, 2013

Sleeping on a mountain

It was Sunday night, but we had the day off Monday, so we booked a night at a local cabin. We were busy and disorganized all weekend, so we had to run up the mountain with our pillows as the sun went down. The cabin has no electricity or heat, which seems charming on a warm night, but it was going to be cold and my 25 year old sleeping bag had disintegrated last year. I  just carried in my comforter and hoped not to freeze in the night.

We settled in quickly with our bags and pillows before we lost light then we made a fire.  It only took a few mysterious twig snapping sounds from outside the ring of warm light to make the girls ready to head inside and go to bed.  It was only about 8:30! I wanted to sit out and admire the full moon, but it was cloudy and cold, I was tired and the family kept worriedly opening the door to see if I was still there.

Night was long and I was cold for a while, but then the cabin warmed up enough for me to sleep.

A magnificent morning!  The sun was bright and warm.

Sweet fern was growing where they had recently cut down the trees.  I love the smell of it, it is sweet and grassy. The Native Americans used it for tea and for purification.
Here's the cozy cabin with the windows open.

We'll go back again in the spring.

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