Thursday, April 25, 2013


I am working on having faith as I step into this new healing career.
I've got the home office, the massage table and the training.
I am now a CCAP (Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner), a practioner and  trainer in both EFT and Emotrance, and have been a Reiki Master for years.
I've got all these wonderful tools to help people release crap and have more joy in their lives, all while smelling the magical and transformational extracts from healing plants.


I feel really lucky to be so clear that this is what I meant to do.
And the sessions I've had working with friends have been really wonderful.  I feel so happy to be doing what I am doing as I am doing it! (Which is such a relief, because sometimes something seems like a good idea, but then you actually DO it and it sucks.)

But, Rob looks worried when I talk about getting clients and making some money.
He doesn't want us to go further into debt if this is just a hobby, which I understand, so I am just trying to move forward with curiosity and optimism, even though I don't really know what to expect and how this whole new world works.
(Taxes, business plans, insurance coverage and web design are things I am learning about.)
I think it will all work out and I am trying to trust and have faith.
My dear friend (alright, fine, she's my therapist) gave me this stone the other day it was at just the perfect time.

I will take one step at a time.
Not quit my day (evening and night, actually) jobs.
And have faith that, if I trust the magic; I will receive the way in which I am meant to go.

I also know that the most basic things like:

Taking care of myself, eating well and moving my body
Enjoying and loving my family and home
Going outside
Cultivating the friendships with friends and mentors who get me

are what will keep my happy and balanced as I take each step.

Martha Beck just sent a daily email with this message that hit home.

"Fear not the strangeness you feel.
The future has already entered you.
It is pulling you through life by your heart."

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  1. You are an inspiration Katherine. I'm so happy to be your friend! Keep up the amazing work. xoxoxoxox