Thursday, April 18, 2013

April vacation

April vacation is here.  Lily was home sick almost all of last week, so I've got to hold on to some particle of progress in dealing with the chaos of life.  You can see our list.  We cleaned their room laboriously day by day, throwing alot of junk out!

We also did lots of other things, like catch a spring peeper.

A big day out was our trip to Hadley, which I talked up so much that Georgia made a "map" of the day as she lay in bed the night before.

wake up
Go visit Rob at UMASS and go to dining hall
TJ Max
Movie (The view from Poppy Hill)
Chinese food
Brush teeth

The dining hall was a big hit.  Georgia ate two pieces of lasagna.  Lily ate cereal, a hot dog and pizza.
Oh yes and soft serve ice cream with toppings.
College seems pretty cool at this point.

A walk into the reeds
with a wonderful find 
of a red eft!

Rob made a garden plan.  We used to have veggie gardens before we had children.  But now I enjoy going to our beloved Picadilly farm and having someone else grow our food and weed it.  I love his drawing though and would be game to start something.  We'll see..

Ahhh, here is some moss, It looks so soft and inviting and the maple blossoms are so bright and alive as they scatter from the trees..

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