Friday, January 25, 2013

Frozen River

I drove to Shutesbury for my cranial sacral appointment with Charles Gilliam this morning.  He is very calm and healing to be around.  The sun pours in the windows of his treatment room, which is in his home.  I get to float off to a buzzing delicious relaxation while he balances out my energies to help my back and body heal.  He helped me so much before surgery that I wasn't even in pain with my massive herniation.  Now we are moving towards balancing my body and the habits that got my back into trouble in the first place.

The river that accompanies the road through Montague, Leverett and then into Shutebury is frozen into thick layers with a liquid center of movement.  It is so cold out!  7 degrees when I left the house.  I was inspired to take photos because some other man had stopped his car and was hunched over against the wind walking toward the river with his camera.  I stopped a ways down the road and pulled out my camera, crunching over the snow, I watched the river flowing over the ice.

At the end of the hour long cranial sacral session my body felt so lengthened and tall.  He had worked on my jaw, which I clench while I grind my teeth all night.  Parts of my shoulder and neck had dramatically released. He even loosened up my ears!  It felt fantastic.  As I stood up I felt so different than when I'd laid down, everything in my body felt connected and alive. 

I said, "It feels so good!"
He replied, with a smile. "Keep it.  It's yours." 

That shifted how I felt about it.
It's mine.

That's how my body wants to feel.
Keep it.
It's mine.

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