Saturday, January 19, 2013

Amherst day-trip

We dragged the kids to Amherst for some errands and even though it was cold they wanted the frozen yogurt from Go Berry.  Georgia begs Rob to bring it home to her whenever she is home sick, which is quite a logistical commitment on his part.  The gummy bears were hard on her wiggly teeth but I loved their clear bright color. 

The holiday season this year kicked my ass.  I totally lost touch with taking care of myself and having any time to mull over and appreciate the everyday beauty around me, which is what this blog reminds me to do.  Noticing these bright gummy bears was a sweet awakening for my creative eye!

Here's everyone playing on their devices.  Huh.  I never thought we'd be that family.  Santa brought the Kindle for Christmas and Georgia found a game on Rob's phone.  I've been enjoying the Kindle much more than I thought I would.  I'm reading Harry Potter with the girls, which is a delight to me.  We've been snuggling together in front of the fire and Georgia has been enjoying it (Lily and I have read them all, but we are trying to capture Georgia's attention and it has worked.  Hooray!)

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