Sunday, December 9, 2012

more crystals

Some delicious stones.
Above are dark rich garnets on the left and a pokey spirit quartz in the center.  On the right are some pinkish Lemurian Seed crystals.

On the left are some green and clear calcite, which I have been reading about and some black tourmaline, which is used to clear blocks and move energy. 

Above are some chunky Amethyst for grounding and clearing.   I have been using crystals in the Reiki and Emotrance  sessions I've been doing with friends and I really love working with them (my friends and the crystals).

This weekend I woke up after a only few hours of sleep after working  overnight to stumble to the  Crystal and Gem show in Greenfield.  It is quite a scene for rock lovers.  The girls and I went a little crazy.  I got these two double terminated Tibetan quartz with fabulous markings.  

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