Sunday, December 16, 2012

Georgia turns 7!

Georgia turned 7 this week.
Here she is opening the doll my parents gave her.
I love how her little feet are wiggling together in their excitement.
The table was spread.  I spent way too much time on gingerbread houses that hardly even attracted the kids' attention. 

G dances to her party mix.  My mother grabbed this motion pic.

Present opening and present testing with my sister helping with the tattoos
We played blind man's bluff and it was fun.  A little spooky to put the blindfold on and flail your arms around, but I caught a victim!
My mother and I double photographing the big birthday cake moment.

Big sister chillin' out.

My mother reads to Georgia after the party.
And my Dad joins them on the couch.

Happy Birthday Georgia.  We love you!

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