Friday, August 5, 2011

Chihuly exhibit at Museum of Fine Arts

(My sister, Georgia, and my mom - Lily was not photo-compliant)

What a day!
Long drive with the girls to Boston where there was a HUGE line for this glass exhibit my sister and mother had already seen and loved so they talked me into coming with the girls. They met us at the front of the museum and helped me manage the very squirmy girls as we waded through the dense crowd to get a look at all this beautiful colorful glass.

I took alot of pictures. I couldn't help myself.

a boat filled with squirmy bright glass

Wool Pendelton quilts hanging on one wall.

A stand of glass objects down the center of the room.

A ceiling filled with glass pieces, light shining from above.
So gorgeous. I had trouble choosing which photos to post, each one was so bright and magical.

One of the crazy "chandeliers" hanging at eye level.

The girls didn't really seem to like the crowds and they got so bored they were lying on the ground, but they did like the art and it feels like quite an adventure to trek into Boston.

I was glad to get home and really happy to lie down in bed that night.

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