Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tadpole drama

The big ones are growing legs.
They seem to be thriving on frozen chard and lettuce from the farm.
One bad night after getting home late from work, they seemed to be eating a floating dead compadre. I was really disgusted and felt done with the tadpole experience, but in the morning we cleaned out the jar and gave them some more lettuce.
The next night I came home and was sitting at my computer when I saw a jumping something behind me in the kitchen. It was one of our tiny tadpoles! It was a frog! It still had tail, but it was hopping along!
Here's a photo on our dirty floor.
I captured it and put it in a safe bowl with water and a rock so the girls and I could release it the next day.

Here it is on it's way to freedom.
By morning the tail was mostly gone.

We let it go in a nearby pond where there were HUGE bullfrog tadpoles lurking so hopefully our little friend will climb a tree or hide in the grass. We left him at the edge of the pond and said goodbye.

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