Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sleeping out

Warm night. Finally a warm night!! Georgia and I decided to sleep out in the backyard on the trampoline. 

The frogs sang us to sleep,the peepers were loud and then the toads were trilling.

We were both snuggled in our mummy sleeping bags.  I woke up many times (It got cold as the night fell to 46 degrees. Even in my new sleeping bag that is supposed to be warm down to 20 degrees. Hmm)

Georgia was toasty beside me.
Waking up was actually perfect because I was able to experience the night. I heard an owl hooting and saw the almost full moon move across the sky as the hours went by.  I saw the sky turn bright blue and heard the birds go wild with singing as the sun come up. The I stumbled inside and had a nice long hot shower!

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