Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Call to Nursing

Two copies of this book arrived in the mail today! An essay I wrote three years ago is part of this just-published anthology. Here's the link on Amazon

I haven't had a chance to read the book yet and the humidifier already leaked all over one of them. (I'll pass that one around!) But I am glad to be part of the book and have enjoyed the congratulation emails all the contributors have been sending to each other. Maybe we'll get it together to do a reading.....I'll let you know.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We're getting two female rats soon! (Girl 3 and 4 above) The girls and Rob have been wanting another animal but I have been resisting because I fear most of the regular care and maintenance will fall to me. I worry it will be another thing I'm neglecting. But we finally all agreed on a pair of rats.

I'm not ready to commit to a new dog. Azalea is too delicate and grumpy to force that upon her. (And really, if I'm going to go to all that trouble and waking up in the night with a puppy, I'd rather have another baby! Rob insists that isn't an equal comparison)
I'm not ready for the chickens that Rob wants. There are too many issues: making the coop, keeping them warm enough, making sure nothing comes and devours them at night, what to do in the winter? make soup or trudge through snow to feed and water them?
Rats seemed doable and appealing, especially after reading this article from Wondertime
After a few rainy weekends of looking stuff up online, the cage has been ordered and things are moving along.
Our online research convinced us we needed to find babies so we discovered the world of rat breeders and their ratteries. So, after many emails and weeks of waiting, we'll drive 50 minutes to pick them up this weekend. The girls (actually all of us) are so excited. Their voices catch when they talk about it. Many passionate conversations are being had about names. (Twinkle and Star were my favorites but they are long abandoned. Serena and Taylor were next but those are the names of actual twin girls in Lily's class and I thought that might be an awkward thing to explain. Last night it was Cakey and Flora.) I'll let you know the final decision when it is made.

Wrennie is Back!!

Our lovely wren has returned, singing all day while I took a nap and cleaned the house.
Lily heard him yesterday and came running in, yelling, "Wrennie is back!"
So wonderful he has arrived safely.
He seems to have a partner and they're hopping into the gourd house in the photo and pulling twigs in behind them.

The plum tree bloomed quickly in the heatwave and the blossoms were gone in two days!
Now its leaves are opening and spreading.
Hopefully they'll hide another brood this year!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Honey money jar (looking pretty empty)

Last week I received break-up letters from both of the credit card companies that hold my substantial debt. American Express was cutting my credit limit 10,000 dollars to just 200 above my weighty balance. Bank of America was doubling my interest unless I called them quickly to tell them to close my account (then I could continue to pay my 5.9% but could never use my card again or the interest would shoot up.) Bastards. I am now a victim of the credit crunch. Granted, it was my own fault to let the credit cards get so big (I'm not going to tell you how big!) but I had been managing them well and have 3.9-5.9% interest so it didn't seem worth it to move my loan to anywhere else. Sigh.
When I told my friend, she said. "Well now you really can't use them. This can be your bottom." So, here's to paying down my credit card debt in the next 3 years!
And finding creative ways to pay my bills!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Luck Eggs

We got a dozen eggs with double yolks. I was amazed as I cracked each one and another pair slid out.
I called the farm number on the carton and asked about it, hoping she would gasp and say it was clearly a miracle. Instead she said, "Sometimes that happens this time of year; don't worry you can eat them." I mumbled that I was hoping it was a sign of good luck and she indulged me, "Well it is rare to get a whole DOZEN, it could be good luck!"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sugaring season is over

We had a lovely time this year sneaking sap from the nearby school's buckets. The thin sap was sweet, clear and cool. I decided it had medicinal qualities so we kept my mother's old silver cup in the car; stopping for a cold cupful every chance we got. We'll have to go watch the high school students take turns stirring the sap into syrup over a woodfire, standing in the clouds of sweet steam. I fessed up about our snitching when they came by with the truck, collecting, and was met with understanding nods. Sad to see the season is already over.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Remember what you wanted to be

was the bumper sticker I saw yesterday. It was the first time I'd ever come across it. Then I saw it on two different cars!

I remembered that long ago, before I became a nurse, I wanted to help injured birds. I volunteered with an organization that helped raptors rehabilitate after injury. I held tiny saw whet owls and huge great horned owls while someone changed their bandages. I loved it.

I think the idea of crow lady is about those birds.

I have a vision of me with a crow perched on my head.

I wonder if the crow is my muse or genius?

I just watched a great lecture on creativity by Elizabeth Gibert and she talked about sharing the pressure to create with a mysterious helper...