Friday, November 16, 2012

Putting up the potions

Oh it is a bit of a shock every year how much time it takes to obtain bottles, sterilize them, pour off the herbal potions and then label and ribbon them.  Yikes.  There goes November!

Here's the bright pink rose tincture concentrate.  Lovely this year.  Bright and tasty!

Here's the newly made vanilla.  it get so much darker so quick!
I made alot of salve this year.  St Johnswort and Comfrey in big and small jars because I always sell out and it is quite a production to make.

Lily and I did the craft fair at St James Church again and she had a great time making bracelets and hanging out.  Here is my newest fairy who I LOVE and did not want to sell even though Lily kept trying to get me to price them to move!

All the wares lined up and ready to go.

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