Saturday, May 21, 2011

The fish ladder

Georgia and I went by the fish ladder in Turner's Falls today and were able to see some shad making their way upstream.

The windows are down a few flights of stairs. They glow with a murky green. We came last week and there were no fish at all. Nothing.

We have a Shad bush in our yard, which is a sweet little tree that blooms in the spring. According to the native americans who named the bush, it blooms at the same time that the shad are running.

I love the notion of having an on-land reminder of when to head down to the river. So smart.

We had run into Turners to pick up a chocolate cream pie for Rob's birthday tomorrow and we just stopped at the fish ladder for a quick peek.

We watched the empty windows for a few moments and then fish emerged out of the ghostly green like shadows, then disapeared again as they wavered in the water, swimming against the current. Georgia and I counted 10 fish who made it through to the opening in the ladder in the 5 minutes we stood there!

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