Saturday, March 12, 2011


By the time I was at the ER my temp was 105. I did not know my name, Rob's name or if I had children. They kept asking me over and over. It became annoying. Like they were asking me questions they knew I didn't know the answer to. They asked my birthday and I remember thinking it was so strange that they said 1970. That was so long ago! I didn't know the nurses or doctors that came and went.

Everyone wore gowns, masks and hats.They did alot of handwashing. I recognized my husband and child, was glad to see them, but could not identify them. I thought Rob looked so handsome in his blue plastic gear. I was sleepy and cold and no one would give me more blankets, which I didn't understand (they didn't want my fever going higher.) I slept and then people asked me questions, took vital signs, looked me over. I actually don't remember much but I remember wondering when I would go home.

Rob said once when they asked me his name I shrugged but then leaned forward earnestly and asked, "Did my book ever get published?" He said there was alot that would have been funny if he wasn't so scared I was dying or going to be forever mentally deranged.

Two nice women came and put my head in a cat scan machine and I didn't know why (They thought I had a brain tumor causing the sudden confusion)
A nice doc came and did a lumbar puncture a couple times to see if I had meningitis.
I'm sure they did lots of other things. Lots of blood drawn and antibiotics running.
I don't remember.
Rob was stoic and calm. He and Georgia watched Tom and Jerry in the waiting room. Came and went.

Here's Georgia geared up

He called my mother two hours away.
"Kat's in the hospital. She has a high fever and she's incoherent. Can you come out and take care of the girls?"

She came and took Georgia home and met Lily at the bus.
Rob came and sat with me.


  1. I hope you are much better these days, Katherine. Btw- You're strining me along with these open ended snippets!

  2. I know! I'm so sorry! Apparently I can only write chronologically. But I'm doing much better and will have updates soon! Much Love, Katherine

  3. Thinking of you my dear - you've been on my mind. I'm glad to hear you're on the mend! Scary stuff. xoxo